Milan round trip

Where to start? Obviously, from Milan, there is no need to explain that this city is the world capital of fashion, and without getting into easy parochial diatribes, for us who believe in our Italian spirit, it is the nerve center of fashion.

We have a dream of returning to Brera with a flagship store, yes because it is precisely in via dei fiori oscuri that one morning we had this idea and we will soon be back.

Scuro begins its production in the heart of the Marche region, in Fabriano we have our Factory, where we create our collections among sewing machines and a whirlwind of ideas.

We are a young company but at the same time the result of many years of history and experience.

Our goal is to be unique, we start from a classic clothing base, and then vary in modern and avant-garde creations.

For us, fashion must be accessible to everyone, but above all quality must be, for this reason we do a great job of researching the best materials, which are our strong point and which none of our benchmarks can come close to. Not all yarns are the same, so much so that we have come to find synthetic, ecological fibers that manage to enhance the natural fibers that we obviously use a lot such as cottons, wools and top quality leathers.

See you in Brera...

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